Noble Software Foundation builds and maintains mobile and web technology for nonprofits worldwide.

Our first objective is to empower members of your local community to become the new leaders and change-makers within your organization.

Premise: There are many non-profits, grassroots organizations, and social enterprises around the world serving the poor and disadvantaged in incredible ways. Many are still very small, but know with certainty that they are effective at alleviating poverty and promoting freedom and independence.

Problem: Like any startup, these organizations have changing needs as they grow and scale. Growing sustainably also means engaging with local leaders and cultivating them to take prominence within the organization. As organizations attempt this, they find that the traditional tools of business were created and designed for the western world and are not easily adopted by people of different backgrounds.

Solution: We should re-imagine business tools within the context of new environments. Creative use of technology and design will lead to entirely new products and services that address very real needs.

Many NGOs have limited reach due to size and capacity of support staff. Yet they operate in high unemployment areas. Unfortunately, highly specialized language and technical skills are necessary to operate the organization. If only these organizations could empower passionate locals to be leaders despite their limited education. That’s where Noble Software Foundation comes in.

When our team arrives, we bring your staff and local community all together. Then, we listen. For a long time, we listen and learn. Your community and it’s needs are unique. Your service methods are highly contextual – something you’ve already spent many years learning and understanding.

Each day, we will step back to revisit your vision then dive deep again to understand your environment. Our team of technology and design experts will prototype new tools to empower people in ways unimaginable before. Our common goal to propagate your vision without the need for you or your staff’s constant presence and oversight is now possible.

For many, the idealists’ dream for running an NGO is to one day empower the ones you serve to become the leaders, expanding your impact to further corners than you would ever reach. Now, using the latest in technology innovation, we can make that possible.

Tom Counsell Owner | 

Tom is from Indianapolis, USA and studied Computer Science at Purdue University focusing on human-computer interaction. While serving with the Peace Corps in Morocco, he co-founded Anou, a nationwide community of artisans gaining access to the world market via a newly designed e-commerce platform. Now in Thailand, Tom serves many internet startups and businesses including, CopyKnot, CareerBolt, and Borisud via his consultancy, Incroporeal Ltd.